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February 18, 2013
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Antonio walked down the street and nervously tugged at the collar of his shirt.
'It's no sweat, it's just a date. You've done this before. You got this.' He thought to himself. He was going on a date with (name), who he finally managed the courage to ask out after a few years.
"So how does this work?" Gilbert muttered from a bush as he pulled his black hood off of his head and showed his white hair. He looked at his blonde hair 'partner'.
"Simple. We make this a wonderful first date. Maybe even a little cliche." Francis said as he tied his hair into a pony tail. Gilbert raised an eyebrow and looked at Francis.
"In a good way though right?"  He questioned and Francis rolled his eyes.
"Of course." Francis said. "Do you remember where they're going?" Francis continued as they crept away.
"Yup." Gilbert responded.
Antonio knocked on the door and nervously shifted his weight from his left foot to his right.
'What if she backs out? What if she doesn't like m anymore?' He thought as they door was opened. He froze and gave (name) a nervous smile.
"Hi Antonio! Thanks for coming to get me." (name) said with a soft smile. Antonio nodded his head as (name) closed the front door. Antonio and her began to walk in silence.
'Okay, think of a conversation... What can we talk about?' Antonio thought. "So how are you?" Antonio asked. 'Well that was a dumb question. Way to go Antonio.' He thought bitterly.
"Oh I've been fine. Thanks for asking. You?" (name) responded.
"That's good to hear! And I've been fine too. Nothing really happening. It's kind of boring these days." Antonio said with a sigh.
"I know what you mean. Nothing much to do except... Nothing." (name) said with a frown. Antonio chuckled and began to feel more relaxed and started a new topic.

"Alright, Antonio and (name's) seats are way in the back in the corner." Francis said as he approached Gilbert from a small restaurant.
"Good work. Make the call and I'll make sure they don't see us." Gilbert said as he tossed Francis his phone. Francis typed in some numbers and Gilbert looked around the street. After a minute he saw a familiar head of brown hair and a second head of (hair color) hair. Gilbert went back to Francis, who had finished the call, and tapped his shoulder. "They're coming." Gilbert said as they went around the restaurant.

(name) and Antonio entered the restaurant and Antonio went to the podium.
"Hi, my name's Antonio. I made a reservation here earlier." He told the man. The man looked for Antonio's name and nodded his head when he found it.
"There you are. Alright sir, please follow me." He said as Antonio waved for (name) to go with him. The man led them to their table and they both sat down. They began to talk about the food and decided on what to get as a waiter came to their table. They gave the waiter their order and as the waiter left a lady came in. She had her hair covered by a large sun hat and had a basket of roses. She began asking people questions and finally arrived at (name) and Antonio's table.
"Hello sir. Would you like to buy the lovely lady a flower?" The lady asked. (name) squinted her eyes and looked at the lady.
"Sure. How much?" Antonio asked as he pulled out his wallet.
"Y-You don't have to do that!" (name) said nervously. Antonio laughed and shook his head.
"One dollar." The lady replied. She handed Antonio a rose and he gave her a dollar. The lady bowed her head and left the store. Antonio gave (name) the rose with a grin and (name) smiled sheepishly.
"Thanks. It's really pretty." She complimented.

The lady pulled off the hat and revealed long brown hair.
"How did it go?" Francis asked.
"Great. He bought her a rose and she was like 'You don't have to do that' And he laughed and it was cute!" The lady said happily.
"Cute? Really Elizabeta? When we were kids you use to be so tough." Gilbert muttered. Elizabeta hit him on the head and scowled.
"Yeah but when we were kids you were actually cute." She retorted with a smirk. Gilbert placed a hand on his heart and gave a loud scoff.

"That lady looked familiar." (name) said as their waiter gave them their food.
"She did?" Antonio asked. (name) nodded and placed a hand on her chin.
"Yeah. I think I've seen her somewhere. But whatever." She said, shaking her head as they began eating.
When they finished eating they began walking through a nearby park to get to (name's) house. They were walking by a fountain when a biker zoomed past them. (name) was about to fall into the fountain, until Antonio caught her. She gave a breath of relief as he lifted her back.
"That was really close." (name) said with a laugh.
"Yeah. Way too close. Dumb biker." Antonio muttered as (name) laughed at him.
"Let's just continue home." (name) said as she held onto Antonio's arm. He smiled and they continued.

"Huh. You're right. It was totally cliche." Gilbert smirked as he leaned against his bike. Francis stuck out his hand for a high five and Gilbert gave it to him.
"Can I plan a date or can I plan a date?" Francis smirked.
Not a very good story, but I had this idea. I don't even know what this is anyway. So thanks for reading and sorry if you didn't like it!

I do not own Spain, France, Prussia, Hungary or you!
Spain, France, Prussia, Hungary (c) Himaruya Hidekazu
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XxViidGamexX Feb 22, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
That's soooo cute~!
Yeah, Lizzie! You go girl! XD

Those two really are good, but sneaky, friends ^w^
Thank you very much! And they are all just a bunch of silly geese.
qui-qui900826 Feb 20, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Awww, Gil and Francis would be like, the best friends to have ever. XD
Their just a bunch of silly geese!
This is soooo cute :D I love Francis and Gilbert's 'help' :P Awwww <3
Thank you very much! They're just a bunch of silly geese.
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