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January 6, 2013
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SpainxMagic!Reader chanting
Antonio was walking down the long quiet hallways of the (school name). It was late after school and he had to take a brief tutoring class in math. The only sound in the hallway was the sounds of his feet hitting the tile, until he heard someone talking in a room he had just passes. He raised an eyebrow and walked backward as quietly as he could. The wood door had a small glass window that he looked through carefully. He saw a girl standing in the room with her hands outstretched forward. He couldn't see her fully but she looked familiar...
"I hate this stupid thing." He heard he mumble as she threw her head back in frustration, making her (hair length) (hair color) hair bounce. He smiled as he realized it was one of his friends (name). He liked her. A lot. His other friends Francis and Gilbert teased him about not being able to tell her that he liked her but he couldn't muster the courage to tell her that. He told her everything else. He reached for the steel handle of the door until he saw her re-stretch her hands forward. "Let's try this again." She said to herself.
'What's she doing?' He thought as he watched her inhale deeply.
"The earth is home, this land is mine. The plants will all grow in my time." She chanted with her eyes shut tightly. Antonio's eyes grew wide as he saw a small vine grow from both of her hands and touch the floor. He then noticed two brown pots on the floor in front of (name) and saw the vines slowly crawl into them. (name's) eye were now open and they were glowing with joy. "Ha, I knew i could do it." She smirked to herself as she stared into the pots. "I should get home..." She said as she picked up her (favorite color) backpack from the ground.
'She's going to come this way!' Antonio thought as he watched her start to turn to face the door that he was peering through. He knew he had to run but his feet wouldn't respond to his brain. He saw (name) turn and her eyes widen in surprise and slowly fill with worry and regret. Antonio froze as she walked faster to the door until she finally threw the door open.
"(N-Na)-" He started before she ran down the hallway. He stood frozen as he watched the doors close. He numbly gripped the doors handle once again and opened it. He stepped into the room and noticed the plants were still there. He noticed small green balls on the vine that was sticking out of the pot. He advanced to the vine for a better look and smiled. They were small tomatoes. He picked up the plants and noticed a small white card fall out of them. He put the plants back down and picked up the card. "Hm..." He muttered as he opened it and read it through. He smiled at the end and picked the plants back up and ran into the closed door. "Oh. Hey door." He said happily as he opened it and ran through the door frame. "No time for you though. I've got to find (name)."

Antonio was walking at the park while holding the two pots. He got many stares from everyone as he walked frantically through the grass and playgrounds. He thought he would find (name) there, but was having no luck. He sighed as he began to feel frustrated. He tried to call her on her cell phone again, but she wouldn't answer. He decided to go to his house and try to think of somewhere else to check. Along the way he suddenly remembered where she would definitely be and took off running.

He climbed up the ridiculously large green hill and was panting heavily.
'She better be here.' He thought as he slowly made his way to the top. He saw a figure sitting in the grass and heard it sniffle. He knew it was (name). He quietly walked up to her until he missed his footing and fell. "Ow!" He shouted as he hit his head on the hill. He slowly lifted his head to find (name) staring at his as she wiped her eyes. He frowned at the sight of her bloodshot eyes.
"T-Toni? What are you doing?" She asked as she stood up and backed away a little.
"I was looking for you!"
"Why?" She asked as he started to stand up. He dusted himself off and noticed his clothes were covered in dirt and grass stains.
"Oh my gosh! Toni your forehead is bleeding!" (name) shouted while pointing at his forehead. He placed a finger on his forehead and examined his finger. Sure enough, the dark red liquid was covering his finger.
"I must have hit a rock when I fell." He mumbled as he felt the blood fall down his forehead onto the bridge of his nose. In this time (name) had already ran up to him and was holding a piece of paper to the cut.
"Sit." She demanded. He sat down and watched her sit in front of him. She placed her hands on his forehead and closed her eyes again. "My body is temple, the walls are not to peel. But it has and I need to heal." She said softly as her hands started to glow. Antonio froze and didn't move until (name) removed her hands from his forehead and wiped them on a piece of paper. He felt his forehead and didn't blood or a cut.
"Whoa that's so cool!" He cheered.
"I thought you would say freaky." (name) said as she stood up.
"Nope. Cool." Antonio said jokingly as he stood up as well. "So, why didn't you tell me about your magic thing?"
"It's not really the easiest to tell someone that they can use magic." She said giving him a look. She looked behind him and noticed the plants and froze.
"Oh, I read your note. Thanks for the tomatoes then." Antonio said, following her gaze. He noticed (name's) face started to grow red. He laughed as he pulled her into a hug. He felt her tense and laughed. "You swear like I've never hugged you before." He said.
"Y-Yeah, but this is different." She said.
"Not really. I've liked you for... Well since I met you but I never said it." Antonio said as they pulled out of the hug. "And I think it's cooler to know your girlfriend can do magic." He added. (name) smiled and laughed as she gave him a brief hug. "But why didn't you attend a school for magic or something?"
"... Toni Hogwarts isn't real.
Sorry but no Nordics today. Tomorrow, I swear! Also I'm starting school tomorrow (I was on my winter break) and I might not be able to write as often but I will do my best to set aside time for it! Golly, I love writing magic reader stories. So uh thanks for reading and sorry if you didn't like it!

I do not own Spain or you!
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AlextheHuman27 Mar 3, 2014  Student General Artist
I can never forget that last line
lol one can only dream of a place as great as hogwarts
Thank you very much!
xXArtimisXx May 10, 2013  Student General Artist
Magic is sooo cool!!! I wish that I could perform it...
I agree! It's cool watching people do it. Even if it's just an illusion or something.
xXArtimisXx May 11, 2013  Student General Artist
My favorite line is "Oh hey door" That killed me! :D awesome job
Thank you very much! And that was one of my favorite lines to write.
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