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January 10, 2013
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GermanyxReader puppy love
The German scowled, his blue eyes glaring into the light brown ones of... A puppy. The puppy had white fur and a small brown spot on one eye and a large brown spot on his back. The dog was staring just as intently back at the German.
'You can win this. Come on you've got this. It's just a dog.' Ludwig thought as he stared at the puppy who was looking back at him with innocent eyes. "Please! Just sit!" Ludwig broke down as he screamed at the dog. It stared at him and scratched the back of its floppy ears and started to walk away. "Get back here!" Ludwig shouted as he went after it. "Why will all my other dogs listen, even when they were puppies, but you won't!?" He asked the dog as if he was expecting it to tell him.
"Because I don't wanna listen to you." Ludwig sighed and turned around.
"That's not funny (name)." He told the girl in front of him. she had (eye color) eyes that were beaming with delight and (hair length) (hair color) hair. She smirked as she walked to the puppy and petted it behind the ears.
"Sit please." She said. The dog immediately sat down. Ludwig stared at the dog with his eyes challenging the size of dish plates.
"Why do you listen to her?" He grumbled as she began to pet the dog as a reward.
"Because I'm cool like that."
"Shut up." Ludwig growled as he stared at the dog. It almost seemed as thought the dog was giving him a smile. A smug smile that is.
"So when did you get a new dog?" She questioned as she stopped petting the dog.
"Someone gave him to me today. I can see why they gave him away though." He explained, but mumbled the last sentence. (name) gasped and covered the dogs ears.
"Don't say such rude things like that in front of him!" She shouted horrified.
"...It's a dog."
"It has feelings!"
"Fine. Whatever. I was trying to teach that dog just to sit for 30 minutes and he didn't even budge and then you come in, say it once and he's suddenly the best dog ever." Ludwig ranted.
"Lie down please." (name) said. The dog sat and Ludwig stared at it with an 'are you serious?' Expression.
"I'm so done with this dog." He said as he walked away. You snickered as you petted the dog for a while longer.

After a while the dog found his way to Ludwig and stared at him as he sat on his couch and was sipping beer while reading a book. Ludwig noticed the dog and raised an eyebrow.
"What's up?" The dog climbed up the couch and sat down by him. He placed his head in Ludwig's lap. Ludwig sighed and continued reading. "Dogs are complicated these days." He said softly. He noticed the dog had a small piece of paper tucked into his red collar Ludwig got him earlier. He placed his book and beer down and pulled out the note. He unfolded it and read it through, smiling a little at the same time.

'Hey Ludwig, I'm a dog whisperer so I told the dog to try to love you as much as I do. Lots of love, (name).'
Hey, fluff warning. Be careful. Thanks for reading and sorry if you didn't like it.

I do not own Germany or you!

Also I find it really hard to respond to a comment sometimes so I probably wont respond to ALL of them anymore unless I know I can respond to it. HOWEVER, I just wanna say I read all my comments and greatly appreciate all of them. Thank you very much for reading this and understanding this.
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ErikaiWense Mar 29, 2014  New member
What's the dogs name!?
Germany's pissed.... its hilarious!
AmuletAmethyst Jan 13, 2014  Student General Artist
Fortheloveofchaos Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
:iconblushplz: fluffy
Sushi-Cutie Nov 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
FilipinaHetalian Oct 31, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Zhe Fluff! :iconheartrollplz: I'm actually rolling on the bed in my (black) pajamas XD
This is like me in real life. We have a German Shepard named Luke. Whenever my twin brother tries to get him to so something or come to him he NEVER listens. If I do this he ALWAYS listens and gives me loves and my brother gets pissed off! And I say '' I'm just that awesome!'' and he tells me to shut up and walks away. Oh! That last bit with the note was freaking cute as heck! I went awww! when I read it!
AngelX1300 Sep 21, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
AWWWWWW IM A FLIPPEN DOG WISPERER ( did I speed that right ? )
Harrisyn15 Sep 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Great story!!! I think it was nicem^.^

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