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October 25, 2012
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GermanyxChild!Reader chapter 8
You were attending another meeting with Germany and you were skipping down the hallway with Germany holding your hand. You were used to the shouts that were coming from the door just down the hallway and you giggled at them. Germany sighed and you stopped skipping and hugged his legs.
"Don't worry papa! I"m sure today will be better!" You said beaming at him. He smiled and patted the top of your head as he walked into the room. As usual, England, France, and America were arguing with Switzerland telling Japan to state his own opinion for once and Russia scaring Latvia. You wondered why everyone thought Russia was scary. You thought he was really nice. Germany walked to his seat and you sat to his right like you always do. (you might say you're his RIGHT hand man! *hit by Germany* Hey! That was funny!) You looked down the table and saw Canada and you waved at him. He looked at you shocked and pointed to himself. You nodded and waved again, and he waved back.
"All right zhat is enough!" Germany shouted. You were used to this though so you just watched him shout at everyone. "Ve need to start zhe meeting! You vill each get 8 minutes to talk, no chit chat, und even a whisper over 8 minutes will not be accepted!" He shouted. You nodded your head forward confidently.
"I think you are being too compromising." You heard Austria say, of course he always says that. You giggled as Italy shot his hand up.
"All right zhen Italy." Germany said as he sat down and Italy stood up. He cleared his throat and smiled widely.
"PASTAAA!" He said. Everyone stared at him with a weird look and you clapped.
"I liked his speech!" You shouted. Germany sighed and patted your head.
"Of course you did." He mumbled. "Does anyvone have a real speech?" He asked. After a while another argument broke out and you climbed out of your chair quietly. You walked out the door quietly and started wandering the halls. You didn't notice that Canada saw you and had followed after you.
"U-Uh (country name), maybe you should go back to the meeting." You heard a quiet voice behind you said. You turned around and saw Canada.
"Hi Canada!" You said as you waved at him yet again. He waved back and smiled nervously.
"Hi, but don't you think you should go back to the meeting?" He asked. You huffed out a breath and pouted.
"But it's too boring and everyone is so loud." You said. "Especially America." You grumbled the last part. Canada sighed and patted the top of your head.
"Yeah, and it's worst when your his brother and everyone confuses you for him." He said. You looked up at him shocked.
"B-But you're quieter than America! And you're nicer and don't yell all the time and you didn't pick me up and scream in my face when you first saw me!" You said back. Canada laughed and smiled at you.
"Well I'm still confused for him." He said. You frowned and furrowed your eyebrows.
"I don't see how tho-"
"(COUNTRY NAME)!" You heard Germany yell. You turned and looked at him.
"Hi papa!" He looked at you and pciked you up.
"Vhy did you leave the meeting vithout telling me first?!" He asked.
"You looked busy." You said back.
"Anyvay thanks for finding her America." He told Canada. You whipped your head around and looked at him shocked.
"PAPA! THAT'S CANADA!" You said. Germany squinted his eyes and looked closer at Canada. He jumped back a bit and cleared his throat.
"S-Sorry Canada." Germany said. Canada smiled and nodded.
"I-It's alright." He responded. "Did the meeting end?" He asked. Germany nodded.
"Ja, France got into a big fight with England and they destroyed part of zhe table so ve ended it early." He said. You laughed and Canada smiled. "Vell ve should be going. Good bye." Germany said as he started walking off with you in his arms.
"BYE CANADA!" You shouted as Germany carried you out. Canada waved good bye and smiled to himself.
"I was noticed." He said to himself smiling and ignoring Kumajiro asking him who he was.
Hello and yes, I'm still working on this and I did say I was planning a segment with Canada. Anyway, sorry if it was bad and thank you for reading!
I do not own Germany, Canada or you!

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Aaaawwwww yeah!!! Canada is in this chapter!!! ^.^ and he got noticed!! ^.^
danie543454 Dec 13, 2013
HannahTheWriter123 Nov 26, 2013  Student Writer
Yay! Hell yeah! Canada is finally getting noticed for goodness sakes!
In your face America!~ XD
America: Hey, that was mean... -.-'
badassgermanchick Nov 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
PFFF Canada  , America ? HAHA!! sorry , I just mean their SO different. but.. YAY I NOTICED HIM !!
I NOTICE YOU CANADA! I LOVE YOU! If I ever ended up in the Hetalia world one of the first things I'd do would say "Where's Canada?!"then run over and hug him! And tell him he's not invisible to me and become his friend!
StarDash51 Aug 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
So cute how you notice canda' :)
I think we all need to notice Canada. Let's say hello to Canada.
Canada is just a few miles north of where I live so I kinda can't forget him. XD
I'm from and currently in Canada, so I definitely can't forget him xD
Poor Canada, i hate how they mistake Canada as America. I love Canada! ^_^
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