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December 2, 2012
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FrancexReader- Not true
You were quietly walking down the street on a rainy day, getting caught in it by accident. You were wearing a thick black coat and (favorite color) rain boots with a pair of casual jeans. You had actually went to one of your friends house, Francis, but found he wasn't there. The streets were dingy and empty, with only your steps in the puddles being heard. You walked through a nearby park to get home faster until you heard a sniffle. You looked to your left, where you heard the sniffle and noticed a blob of blonde hair. You raised an eyebrow and quietly approached the blob.
"F-Francis?" You asked chattering. You hadn't noticed how cold it was until now. He turned quickly and you noticed his normally bright, energetic blue eyes were puffy and red. His wavy blonde hair was soaked and matted to his face. He smiled lightly at you and laughed, but you could tell they were both forced.
"Oh, hello (name). W-What are you doing out in the rain?" He asked, his voice sounded scratchy and his voice broke at the end of his sentences.
I should be asking you that. Look at what you're wearing!" You scolded, pointing to his casual jeans, sneakers, and a thin purple dress shirt. He smiled and shook his head.
"It doesn't matter. We should both get out of the rain though." He said, putting one hand out palm up. You gave him a stern look and grabbed both of his hands. He stared at you shocked as you looked into his eyes.
"Why were you crying?" You asked seriously. You saw Francis eyes start to tear up. He shook his head and turned away from you.
"Like I said, it doesn't matter."
"Francis Bonnefoy, as your friend I demand you tell me what is wrong. Right. Now." You said, emphasizing every word. You heard Francis sniffle and he turned back to you. You froze noticing the tears coming from his eyes. You let go of his hands and wrapped your arms around him, and pulled him into a hug. "What happened?" You asked. Francis put his head into the crook of your neck and sniffle.
"M-Monica." He stated blandly. "She broke up with me." He mumbled out. You rubbed the back of his head. "She," Franics' voice cracked. He cleared it and continued. "She said that since I'm French I'll just cheat on her at some point. I told her I wouldn't and that I wasn't like that. Then she said that she heard rumors that I sexually harass everyone I meet a-and that I'm just like a a a." He started crying and you tightened your grip around him.
"She said you were just like a what?" You asked softly, almost like a whisper.
"A rapist." He whispered fearfully as he started to cry harder and he sank to the ground, releasing you. You quickly bent down and continued to hug him tightly.
"There there honey." You cooed. Francis continued to cry and muttered for a while but his voice gradually rose.
"Why does everyone assume that. I don't force love onto others. I don't h-hit on everyone. I-I don't..." He said as he stopped talking and continued sobbing.
"I know you don't. All those people are just being dumb. You are a wonderful man and Monica doesn't know who she let go." You said confidently. You stood up and helped a reluctant Francis up. You wiped away his tears and grabbed his hands again. "Come on. Were going to go to my house and were going to get warm, and we'll drink hot chocolate and eat chocolate. Just no more tears, you hear me. You are a confident, wonderful, awesome guy. Don't tell Gilbert, but I'm pretty sure you're awesomer than he is." You said as you started to drag Francis away. He gave a soft chuckle and followed you.
"Thank you. For believing in this French man.
This is my tribute to France! I hate how people are convinced he's a rapist and stuff. So this is why I wrote this out. Yay. Anyway, sorry that the story isn't all that great and thank you for reading!
I do not own France or you.

I made up the name Monica just so you know and sorry if your name is Monica! I mean no offense to you and you can change the name while reading it!
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SoonToBeOtaku-Chan Feb 15, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Poor Franny, he's not a rapist! He's just very flirtatious, I mean, dude, he is FRANCE! That's sort of his thing. XD
and french just dont forget FRENCH
SoonToBeOtaku-Chan Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Most certainly. XD
Nicole021297 Sep 3, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I know exactly how France feels and it's awful! I'm just like he is when it comes to love and romance and expressing it freely, I literally am like a female version of him. I've been called a whore and a slut just because I'm flirty and would rather hang around the guys instead of other girls. Girls start drama and do nothing but talk about eachother. Or at least the ones I know. With the guys I can chill in my lazy clothes, play Videogames and eat till I puke just hanging out and laughing. I've never slept with anyone and have only had 3 boyfriends my entire life that lasted very long times each. Being stereotypes as a whore and slut when you are not and in Francis's case a rapist is not fun. So I know exactly how he feels and absolute love the dude~
Love this story (:
PkmnRangerKatsumi Aug 18, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aww poor France!! :'( To be honest I used to be creeped out by him when I first started watching Hetalia, but he then became one of my favorite characters. I hate how some fans think of him as a rapist or a creeper, that's so horrible. Anyways well written, I loved it :)
Really? I always thought he was funny.
And thank you very much!
allieallred Jul 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
aww poor france but i love him and the story so ~its all good!!~ lol
He's a good guy. You just gotta talk to him for a minute.
allieallred Jul 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
ikr !!!!
You should continue this))
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