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September 7, 2012
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EnglandxReader request
You were currently sitting on a bench staring at the sky. It was a cloudy day and the rain drops disguised your tears. Your boyfriend, or ex-boyfriend, had been cheating on you for a month and you barely learned that today.

~Earlier that day~

You decided to make a surprise visit your boyfriends house and were about to tell him you had come over, when you heard a giggle coming from upstairs where his room was. It was a feminine giggle. you crept up his stairs and quietly peered through his door. You saw him kissing some girl and you felt your blood boil. You stomped downstairs and heard the door swing open.
"(Name)! It's not what it looks like!" You heard him shout. You gave him the finger without turning around and slammed his door shut. You felt your heart drop and tears sting your eyes. You walked to the park and sat on a bench that overlooked a small pond with no geese. It had begun to sprinkle as you started to tear up.

Oh yeah, that's how you got to that bench. What an awful day. You didn't know whether to feel mad or upset. You felt both and you didn't know how to handle it! You sighed and put your head in your hands.
"Stupid, (name your ex because I can't). Being all... Stupid and stuff." You grumbled as you felt the rain hitting your back. Now that you thought back though, you realized that he was kind of a jerk. He never really spent anytime with you and was always out with his friends partying or drinking. (I know, I just kind of described the bad touch trio, but they're not your ex) You sighed and rubbed your eyes. "Maybe this was for the best? Or maybe I'm just telling myself this because I'm trying to convince myself everything is alright." You say as you sigh again. You sit out in the rain and feel it hit your back, until you hear the rain hitting something above your head. You lift your head from your hands and see an umbrella above you.
"What are you doing out in the rain love?" The man holding the umbrella said. He had blonde hair that was getting wet since he had the whole umbrella covering you, green eyes, and bushy eyebrows that you had to resist the urge to touch.
"U-Uh, nothing. Just sitting." You say as you rub your eyes, hoping they don't show you were crying moments ago.
"Do you mind if I sit with you?" He asks. You scoot over and he sits next to you. The first few minutes were awkward and quiet, with the exception of the rain hitting the umbrella. "What are you really doing out here?" You turn to the man and sigh.
"My stupid boyfriend, well now ex-boyfriend, cheated on me." You grumbled as you placed your chin in you hand.
"Sorry to hear that." The man says.
"Guys are dumb." You mumble as you lift your chin from your hand rub your eyes.
"Well thank you." The man next to you says, as you realize what you just said.
"No! I didn't mean it like that! It's just-"
"But I must say, that boy cheating on a lovely girl like yourself. He must have been dumb. And a git." He says, chuckling. You laugh and realize what he said and blushed a bit.
"Oh, my name's (name)." You say as you hold your hand out to him. He takes it and smiles.
"I'm Arthur. Nice to meet you." Arthur says. You smile and hear the man stand up. He hold his hand out to you and you look at it. "How about we get some tea to warm up and have a nice chat were it isn't raining?" He asks as he smiles. You smile back and take his hand. You walk into a cafe and Arthur gets you a cup of (favorite warm drink) and he gets a cup of earl grey tea. You both talked about your friends and you learned a lot about him. When you both finished your drinks, which you tried to pay for but Arthur said, "A proper gentleman doesn't let a lady pay." the rain had stopped so you and Arthur took a walk around the park and continued talking. By the evening you had decided it was time to go home, so Arthur walked you there.
"Thanks for helping me today Arthur. You really cheered me up." You said smiling as you stepped onto your porch.
"It's what a gentleman does love." Arthur says as he brushes some of his hair out of his face.
"Hey, do you want to get together sometime and do something?" You ask as you open your front door.
"You mean a date?" Arthur asks, raising one of his large oddly bushy eyebrow.
"N-No! I mean-"
"Sure." Arthur says chuckling. You laugh and take a pen from your table and scribble your phone number. You give him the paper and watch him leave. You close your door and walk to your bedroom to find a pair of dry clothes.
"Maybe not all guys are dumb."
Hello, sorry I didn't post a story yesterday. Anyway, this was requested by :iconalice102799: Sorry it was short, sorry fi it wasn't good and thank you for reading.
I do not own England or you.
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dragonlovr999 Oct 29, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Rin: bloody hell I love it T^T I broke up with my ex-boyfriend like that,wish I found iggy like ur story!... Awesome job! Actually it was more like I went t my friends house yea....
Well then your friend is kind! And I'm glad you liked the story!
dragonlovr999 Oct 30, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
meiko:yes i am. lol i liked it to!
rin:your welcome!
dragonlovr999 Oct 29, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Rin: bloody hell I love it T^T I broke up with my ex-boyfriend like that,wish I found iggy like ur story!... Awesome job! I love earl grey tea haha xD
AnimeLOVERSyeah Sep 13, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aawww that was sweet!!!! I love you Artie!!
Thank you and I'm sure Arthur loves you as well.
:iconyayenglandplz: <---You should give him his hug.
AnimeLOVERSyeah Sep 15, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your welcome!!!!! Aawwww ima give him a his hug!!! :iconaawplz:
CrystalRainbow8 Sep 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
CrystalRainbow8 Sep 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I like it, so you're welcome! ^__^
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