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January 7, 2013
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2p!GermanyxReader laugh
You scowled as a light blue sun dress was tossed at you. You scowled even more when you caught a pair of white high heels.
"Why am I supposed to wear these?" You questioned as you tossed them onto your bed.
"Because you're going to meet your husband!" Your mother scolded.
"Cool story." You muttered as your mother set out a white necklace.
"Very cool now get dressed and meet us downstairs! We have no time to waste today." She said as she walked out of the room. You smirked as you walked up to your drawer and started to pull out a plain (favorite color) T-shirt and jeans.

"What are you wearing!?" Your mother screeched as she looked at your jeans, shirt, and old sneakers.
"You told me to get dressed. So I did." You said triumphantly. Your mother shot you a glare.
"You know fully what I meant." She said sternly.
"Just let her be. We'll be late so lets go." Your father said as he opened the door. You all stepped outside and went into your family car.

You scowled as the car made a stop by a mansion.
'Oh great.' You thought. The car door opened and you stepped out with your mother and father on both sides of you. A man dressed in a black suit opened the door.
"Hello Mister and Misses (last name)." He said as he stepped to the side. Your parents walked in and you stepped in afterward. "And you must be Miss (name)." The man said you nodded and flashed a peace sign.
"Eh, yes whats up, a-anyway please follow me to the main room." He said as he walked in front of you and past your parents. Your father looked like he was trying to hold in a laugh and your mother looked like she was going to explode with rage any second. You quietly followed the man and arrived in a large room with white walls and expensive looking couches and sofas. A lady with blonde hair and blue eyes walked up to your mother and father and smiled. a man followed behind with purple eyes and white hair.
"It's great to see you again! It's been too long since we last saw you!" The lady said as she gave your mother and father a hug. The man shook their hands without any words.
"Is this (name)?" The man asked. your mother nodded and he looked at you. He slowly nodded his head after a while and walked back to the sofas where you all followed.
"Wait!" You heard a lady cry as the doors on the other side of the room were opened. A boy with blonde hair and purple eyes stepped out. His hair looked rather wavy and he was holding a hat. He wore the same style as you, a T-shirt, jeans, and some sneakers. He also looked intimidating with a scar under his left eye.
"This is our son, Lutz." The woman said as she tried to maintain her weak smile. The boy put is hat on and sat down on the sofa with his parents. The sofas were facing each other with your family on one side and his on the other. He sat in front of you and the room stayed silent for a while. "Well we're going to step outside we'll be back so why don't you two talk or something." Lutz's mother suggested as his parents and yours left. After they left the room remained silent.
"So, chairs am I right?" You asked.
"Chairs man. They're like sitting there all chair-like. Never moving. Creepy."
"It's a chair. It's not suppose to move." Lutz responded seriously.
"How much does a polar bear weigh?"
"Enough to break the ice. Hi." You said with a serious face. You were doing your best to not laugh.
"You're weird." Lutz said, also not wanting to laugh.
"Only the best people are." You said as you crossed your legs and smirked.
"So did your parents just spring this marriage thing on you too?"
"Pretty much."
"Isn't this illegal?"
"I don't know. To Google! Oh, wait. I don't have my computer. My mind can do nothing." You said sadly. After this, Lutz's shoulders started shaking and his face started to turn red. "I'm a banana, I'm a banana, banana powers, banana powers." You sang softly. Lutz placed a hand over his mouth and tried to pretend he was thinking but you could tell he was trying not to laugh. "What if were all secretly bananas but none of us realize this and we're aliens and bananas are the original people of earth. Genius me strikes again." You said pondering. Lutz began to laugh and you smirked. "Bam, just made you laugh."
"Yeah yeah, you got me to laugh," He said as he walked to your side and sat down close to next to you. You started to blush as he leaned in close to your face. He smirked widely and grabbed your chin lightly. "But I can get you to blush."
What is this I don't even know. I like the 2p. But these are also based off of the headcanons that I like. I might make one for England. Some day. Anyway, thank you for reading and sorry is you didn't like it!

I do not own 2p!Germany or you!
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muffled-silence Mar 21, 2014  Student General Artist
"I'm a banana, I'm a banana, banana powers, banana powers"

i was singing it out loud and my sister walked in and was all like "WTF dude?"
sonichetaliafan97 Mar 19, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Ooooooooooo snap he jest went there
That sounds like stuff I would say if I got bored. Randomness strikes again!!! And I have no problems with it. :)
E-Sane Jan 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
OtakuHetalia Dec 31, 2013  Professional General Artist
Nice xD
MEXlCO Dec 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*currently wearing t-shirt, black jeans, and a rocker jean jacket that looks awesome//like Prussia*
"Pull out a plain ____ T-shirt and jeans."
AmuletAmethyst Jan 13, 2014  Student General Artist
FrostBlade150 Aug 16, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Oh my frost you have no idea what you just did. THIS is how I act all the time! I just say random things and then all of a sudden people laugh at me... XD it's 2:14am right now and I was trying not to laugh because my family is sleeping xD

This is awesome! xD and I think my and Litz dressed alike ._. XD
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